Mission Statement
how to invest in Uber shares in India The WorkOut Cancer research fund supports pilot and pre-clinical studies investigating the effects of exercise on tumor physiology and on cancer treatments.

The Exercise - Cancer Link

Exercise can reduce the risk of developing some cancers. Recent studies have found encouraging evidence that exercise after diagnosis decreased the recurrence of breast and colon cancers, and decrease mortality for prostate cancer. However, the mechanisms contributing to these reductions are not known. WorkOut Cancer wants to reduce such knowledge gaps.

How can you help?


Simply click on the link to the left to donate - no amount is too small, and your tax deductible contribution goes to research.


Send this WorkOut Cancer webpage to another person or group.


Click the Fundraising link on the left side menu of this homepage or contact us and we’ll be glad to explore fundraising opportunities with you.


Buy PayPal shares WorkOut Cancer seeks to provide financial support for researchers to investigate how cancer patients might be able to use exercise to:
  • Decrease treatment side effects
  • Maximize treatment efficacy & improve treatment outcomes
  • Reduce metastases & cancer recurrence
Exercise is free, it can be done virtually anywhere, and is something over which cancer patients have control at a time when control may seem to be slipping away.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Help WorkOut Cancer fund PhD scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships in exercise oncology.  More investigative researchers are needed in this field which will benefit cancer survivors for decades to come.

When donating, also select scholarship. Thank you!
Together we can help to WorkOut Cancer
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